LaundryCorp Terms and conditions

This agreement applies whenever any LaundryCorp company provides services of any kind or does anything else for Laundry Corp Group or The Pressing Room customers except where a separate written agreement covers other services we provide; for example, some different terms apply when we provide hire solutions to the customer. In this agreement, we have used “we” or “us” for LaundryCorp providing services for you, “you” for the customer and “service” or “services” to cover all goods and services of any kind we provide and anything else we do.

Stock: Goods hired out by LaundryCorp Ltd to the customer, including but not limited to; linen, mats, tableware, restaurant supplies. 

Store: LaundryCorp laundry premises located at 1/ 29 Enfield Street, Mount Eden

1.Our Commitment to You

We are committed to providing all our customers with a quality laundry service, we commit to;

1.1.Providing quality service and results every time and ensuring that we have quality control measures in place to ensure we achieve this

1.2. Customer service comes first, if you ever have an issue or a question we are here to help and resolve. All inquiries can be directed to our team at

1.3. We will aim to always meet our service promises and delivery expectations, if this is not possible we will ensure that you are the first to know.

2. We Guarantee to you

When we provide our services to you, we guarantee; 

2.1 that we will treat your belongings with care and follow instructions you provide us with, within reason.

2.2. We will provide you with laundry services as specified

2.3. Communicate in the timely manner when there are matters that need to be communicated

2.4. If for any reason, we are unable to fulfill your order, we will inform you via email or phone.

3. Your Responsibilities

When we provide our services to you, it is your responsibility to;

3.1. To ensure all items provided for servicing are suitable for general laundry, items which require dry cleaning must be specified by you

3.2. To sort washing into lights and darks if required. We will always take the up-most care in looking after your goods, however, we accept no responsibility if there is any bleeding or colour transfer during the laundry process.

3.3. To ensure that the number of items being laundered specified is correct and agreed on

3.4. To ensure that any items, i.e. pens etc.. are removed from pockets prior to sending them to us- we will not be responsible for any damage caused in the instance that items are not prepared adequately. 

3.5. To ensure that items supplied for hire by us are used for the purpose in which they are intended

3.6. To ensure that you or third party companies do not service our stock.

3.7. To ensure that our delivery drivers are able to access your site safely and legally as required to make collections and deliveries

3.8. To notify us of hire orders at least 24 hours in advance

4. Supply of hire goods and laundry services

4.1.We will supply you with the agreed-on stock providing availability. In the instance where we are unable to supply the agreed-on stock we will notify you and seek an alternative suitable option.

4.2.By using our hire services’ you agree that you will not hire stock or engage laundry services of any other supplier during the term of this agreement.

5. The delivery process

For clients with set delivery and collection days; 

5.1. You will receive collections and deliveries on the agreed upon days within the time frames specified.

5.2. You must give us at least 3 day’s notice if you wish to change your delivery or collection days. Whilst we will endeavor to meet your requests we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to meet all requests for change of delivery days.

6. For clients who place bookings as required;

6.1. Orders placed before 12pm will be collected the same day and orders placed after 12pm will be collected the following day subject to clause 6.2. From time to time we may be able to collect orders placed after 12pm the same day.

6.2. We accept no liability for late deliveries or collections that result from events outside our control such as but not limited to traffic, mechanical issues or agent delays.

6.3. In the instance where our delivery driver attempts to deliver laundry and there is no one at the premises to accept laundry we will leave the laundry in a safe specified place unless otherwise notified by you, in writing, that this is not to happen. In the instance that delivery cannot be made due to there not being a suitable location to leave it we reserve the right to charge a $5.00 redelivery charge.

6.4 In the instance whereby a client changes their mind and decides to not proceed with the booked service and the item has already been collected, the client will have a $10 pickup/ delivery charge deducted from their refund to cover the costs associated with the pickup and delivery.

7. Walk-ins and private customers whose stock is held in store

7.1.Laundry must be collected within 60 days of the specified collection date on customer order docket. Stock which is not collected within this time-frame will be donated to charity.

7.2. Payment must be made in full on collection

8. Fees and Charges

8.1. You agree to pay the charges as specified for stock hired and services provided

8.2. LaundryCorp reserves the right to review charges and fees after 12 months subject to clause 8.3.

8.3.Outside of an annual charge and fee review we reserve the right to adjust pricing within 12 months by providing 30 day’s notice if there is a substantial increase in major operating costs imposed on us by our suppliers. 

9. Payment for services

9.1. Credit Accounts- We will send the customer an invoice for charges incurred. The customer is required to pay all charges by the 20th of the month following the issue date of invoice.

9.2. Private sales- you must pay in full upon collection/ delivery or within 24 hours of delivery. We reserve the right to deducte

9.3. You will be liable for any costs incurred in the collection of late payments.

9.4. We will not accept any claim for credit received more than one month after the date of invoice.

9.5. We reserve the right to apply payments received in any way required.

9.6. No credit will be extended on overdue accounts.

9.7. The hirer’s obligations to pay charges and any other sums to LC limited must continue regardless of any defect of, theft of, or accident or damage caused to the product.

10. Use of agents

10.1.We reserve the right to utilize any third party, vendor, or outside service provider for any service, without notice to the customer. 

11. Stock Control

11.1. We reserve the right to conduct stocktake on stock held by you on your premises by  giving 48 hours’     notice.

12. Loss and damage

12.1. Any loss or damage caused by The Customer’s negligence, or the negligence of The Customer’s customer, will be for the account of The Customer at full replacement cost.

12.2. The Customer will maintain insurance cover for any accidental loss or damage to their own Linen while on Laundrycorp’s premises. You will maintain adequate insurance cover for any loss or damage to The Customers own Linen caused by LaundryCorp’s negligence.

13. Indemnity 

13.1. You shall indemnify us against all claims, loss, damage or injury suffered as a result of the presence or use of stock owned by LaundryCorp ltd on the Customer’s premises. You acknowledge that stock supplied by us is not flame resistant or resistant to hazardous materials and should not be used in situations or conditions where they may catch fire or come into contact with dangerous or hazardous materials.

13.2. The Customer shall notify us of any potential health risk from soiled items being collected by us for laundering. You shall further indemnify us against any loss or damage resulting from a failure by the Customer to notify us of any such potential risk or any other breach of these Terms and Conditions.

13.3. We shall not be liable for any loss, damage or delay caused by the failure of us not meeting our obligations to the Customer under these Terms and Conditions as a result of industrial action, strikes, unscheduled delays or any other circumstances outside its control.


1. The customer defaults in payment of all money payable under this agreement after 7 days of the due date of payment of the money.

2. The client fails to meet LaundryCorps requirements as specified in clause 3 of this agreement and fails to remedy this failing within 7 days of LaundryCorp notifying the client of the fault.

3. The customer is placed into receivership or liquidation.

15. Force Majeure

15.1. In the event any civil or labour disorders, monetary or economic developments, governmental or local authority interference or other factors beyond outside of our control that shall prevent us from meeting our obligations under these Terms and Conditions or render it impracticable for us to perform our obligations then we may, by notice in writing to the Customer, advise the force majeure circumstances and cancel any agreement

16. Privacy

16.1. You agree and authorize us to obtain information about you and share this information with a third party during our normal business activities for the purposes of Credit assessment and/or debt collection.

17. Address for Notices

17.1. All notices for us shall be posted or delivered to our premises at 158 Beach Rd, Auckland Central, 1010.

17.2. All notices for the Customer shall be emailed to the customers registered email address as per the account application form.

18. Governing Law

18.1. These Terms and Conditions shall be subject to and construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand.