The Pressing Room & HouseHold Linens join forces

In Store Linen Service- The Pressing Room

In Store Linen Service- The Pressing Room

HouseHold Linens is a brand that we have been fond of for awhile now with their lust worthy bed linen and accessories and their eye for detail, quality & design. 


We couldn't be happier to announce that starting the 1st of November we are offering an in store Linen Service at HouseHold Linens Auckland stores.

Quality linen deserves quality treatment. The Pressing Room has years of experience treating and looking after top end linen along with many of HouseHold Linens clients. So this partnership is a match made in Egyptian cotton heaven. 

The service is simple- bring your linen that needs laundering into your closest HouseHold Linens store, The Pressing Room will collect it, service it and deliver it back in store ready for pick-up. View the Linen services price list here.

For the month of November we are giving you an opportunity to win a $400 HouseHold Linens store credit for both you and a friend- perfect for Christmas. Simply use our Pressing Room services and go in the draw to win.


So pop into your nearest HouseHold Linens store, swoon over their incredible stock and get your linen serviced at the same time.

Auckland Store Locations

264 Ponsonby Road

New Market
13-15b Teed Street

Hillcrest - Clearance Store & HQ
76 Porana Road, Hillcrest


-The Pressing Room






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Keep Warm This Winter

Burrrr- Hello Winter

14th August 2016

Its that time of year again the bitter snap that chills you to your bones has arrived- about a month or two late. 

If your anything like us those heavy winter blankets that you reserve for the coldest of nights have been sitting in storage collecting dust over the past year. You pull them out and they aren't quite how you remember, not to fret, bring them into our the team at the pressing room and we will bring your winter blankets back to their full snuggle potential.

I would also highly recommend taking advantage of our Sweet Sleep Package which includes a wash / starch / roller press of 4 pillow cases and 2 sheets. If you haven't had your sheets starched and pressed yet- treat yourself- its the only real way to replicate the the luxurious bed setup you get in a high end hotel. 

- The Pressing Room Team.